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FSM Podcast Episode: 20

No chat today just amazing fast soul music from:

Lens, Workforce, The Sauce, Critical Impact, Rockwell, Meduza, Artsea, Break, Shodan & Kipsy, Nick The Lot, FD, Hugh Hardie, Zara Kershaw, Total Science, Calibre, Clusion, Akuratyde, Synkro, Nymfo, LSB, Phibes, Paradox, Whineym Doktor, Coco, Slay, Mozey, Ivy Lab.

Thanks to these labels for the tunes: 

Spearhead, 31, Obsolete Medium, CIA, 4 Corners, Born On Road, Soulvent, Precinct, Liondub, Hospital, Souped Up. 



FSM Podcast Episode: 19

As I grow older, I learn daily that I know less and less than I thought. 

One thing I do know is that D&B is in a brilliant place right now. I love that this music can be like a counterbalance to how things are in the world. D&B has a habit of stepping up when the world, politics, war, and the behaviour of humans create adversity and suffering. 

Thanks as always to all the artists and labels who sent these tunes:

Wardown, Dogger, Mindstate, Liam Bailey, Calibre, SOLAH, Pola & Bryson, Zitah, Whytwo, Imo-Lu, Zero T, Steo, Phibes, Iyre & Pyxis, Lenzman, Redeyes, DJ Zinc, Mozey, M.A.R.Y, Conrad Subs, The Caracel Project & Buunshin, Winslow, Serum, Need For Mirrors, Particle & En:vy, Watch The Ride, Ishfaq, Dunk, Kimyan Law.

BMT Music, 1985, Hospital, Shogun Audio, Integral, Invicta, Pilot, The North Quarter, Bingo Bass, Koba, UKF, Souped Up, Critical, Rinse, 31, +++.

FSM Podcast Episode: 18

After a lovely summer break, I came home to pastures scorched. Never mind, I have a crate of luscious new beautiful D&B to ease the pain. 

Behold! Tunes from Thinktonk, LSB, Redeyes, NJ, Klinical, Zed Bias, Justin Hawkes, Artsea, DRS, Dogger, Tyler Dayley, Kimyan Law, Note, Whytwo, SOLAH, Winslow, Enei, T>I, Trex, Bassbrothers, Carlito, Bensley, Dub Phizix, Subtle Element, Zero T, Sl8r, Zar and Wardown. 

Thanks to these labels for sending me promos:

Precinct, Five Alley, Invicta, Overview, NEA$, Pilot, Goldfat, DNBA, +++, Goldfat, BMT Music, Hospital, Critical, Metalheadz, Souped Up, V Recordings, UKF, Senkasonic, Bowlcut.  


FSM Podcast Episode: 17

Does thinking cause more harm than good? You share your thinking on thinking. 

Featuring amazing new D&B music from Zed Bias, Mindstate, Verbz, Mr Slipz, Alix Perez, Delah & Ciland, Dr Meaker, Fizzy Gillespie & Celestine, Annix, Elipsa, Venbee & Dan Fable, Pol & Bryson, Lens, Sl8r, Rozfresh, Dysthymatic, DJ Hazard, YAANO, Chimpo, The Skeptics, NAtus & Fearbace, Dogger, Tominthechamber & Haribo, Klinical, DJ Hybrid, Mrs Magoo & Rider Shafique, Champion Sound and Sappo. 


Thanks to these record labels for sending me new music:


NEA$, Precint, High Focus, Low Syndicate, Flightcase Recordings, Sleepless, Sony Music Entertainment, Spearhead, V Recordings, Mathematica Records, Hazardous Material, Critical, Liquid Labs, Galacy, Drum and Bass Arena, Overview Music and Deep In. 

FSM Podcast Episode: 16

Welcome to episode 16 of the FSM podcast. Thanks for all your shouts and to these excellent artists for making beautiful new music:

Solah, Dub Phizix, Buunshin, Emba, Slay, The Upbeats, Harley D, Edan & Berrow, MidKnighT MooN, Turno & Ben Snow, Katalyst, Alibi, Disrupta, Chimpo, Askel & Elere. 


One Love. 

FSM Podcast Episode: 15

On this momentous day when for the first time in about 7 years we can feel good about being British, you tell me what brings you joy. a beautiful selection of music from Heron Flow, Bop & Subwave, High Contrast, DJ Marky, Emba, Paper Dragon, Chimpo, Harley D, Bladerunner, DLR, GLXY, Hugh Hardie, Nu:tone, Visionobi, Sl8r, Slay, Conrad Subs, Subten, Harry Shotta,Eloquin, Technimatic, Dub Phizix, Tom Logic, Buunishin. 

Thanks to these labels for sending me amazing music: 31, Soulvent, Hughly Contrasting, Spearhead, V Recordings, Serial Killaz, Liondub, CIA, Hospital, Shogun, Senka, Program, Critical. 


FSM Podcast Episode: 14

As the summer gets into gear I bring you the fruits of my search for beauty and originality in D&B. Music from:


Salo, Zed Bias, Chimpo, Emba, Dub Phizix, Science of Man, TMPZ, Minor Forms, Zero T, London Elek, S.P.Y, Diane Charlemagne, Degs, Nu:tone, Duskee, Imo-Lu, Maykors, Neekir, Wingz, Serpnt, AKAS, DJ Hybrid, High Contrast and Digital. 

FSM Podcast Episode: 12

Let the music do the talking for this episode.

FSM from Dub Phizix, Logistics, Wilkinson, S.P.Y, Wingz, Submorphics, Kimyan Law, High Contrast, Winslow, Dr Meaker, A Sides & Aletta, Molecular, Alpha Rythm, Human Nature & Natus, DJ Hazard, Nami, Subwave, MAykors, Hybert Phillips, P&B and Lens. 

One Love. 

FSM Podcast Episode: 11

In Episode 11 you share your thoughts on Imposter Syndrome. Lots of them! I share mine, and play some music by:


Kimyan Law, Mountain, Hugh Hardie, Dub Phizix, Wingz, Dan Guidance, Alex Barton, High Contrast, Bop, Mindstate, Verbz, Finnadrift, Auris, A-Audio, Submorpics, Satl, Kubiks, S.P.Y, Hexa & KY, Total Science, Break. 

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